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  Academic Workshops in NW Austin
To supplement homeschool learning
 8-10 (with some flexibility)
Very small class size:  8 students maximum

Classes Start:  September 10, 2014
Monday & Wednesday, September 10 - April 29 (25 weeks), 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Science: the year will start with animal physiology, genetics and behavior, including dissection, and move onto space or another topic. (About half the time will be spent on science.)
  • Unit Studies: Starting with mythology/fables/legends in different cultures (additional to be determined, with teacher and parent input:  politics, ethics, anthropology, history, cultures, etc., etc., etc.)
  • Lunch/Play/Organized Games
  • Theater: will be incorporated into learning (students will write and perform plays/skits connected to their learning).

Teacher:  A UT Plan II Honors student (senior, also taking grad classes). She taught a year-long science workshop on the human body for us last year and is fabulous. The kids and parents love her.

Overview:  Academic program to supplement homeschool learning.  Focus on a love of learning and subject matter mastery.  Hands-on learning supplemented with some film, reading and writing.

Goals:  For students to develop critical thinking abilities, truly understand concepts and have social opportunities in a small group setting.

Environment:  Secular, progressive, focus on critical thinking.  This is not quite a co-op.  One person does all the administration and parents have a lot of input.

Tuition:    $2,000/year (Includes classroom materials, supplies and equipment)
Payments can be broken up during the year.  Sibling discount.

Location:  Rattan Creek Community Center in NW Austin (7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail, Austin, TX 78729), set in Rattan Creek Park, a beautiful public park with a playscape, lots of open space, trees for climbing and sports fields:  soccer, volleyball, basketball.  (Inside Rattan Creek Park behind the playscape.)

We already own a compound microscope, slides, professional-grade stethoscope and dissection tools.  Additional equipment will be purchased with grant funds.

More Info and Applications
Karen Dale Wolman

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Nondiscrimination policy:  Schoolhouse Academy welcomes students, families, staff and faculty of any race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.  The school does not discriminate on any basis in administration of its educational policies, admissions, hiring or any other school-administered program.
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